10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner… Just the mere thought will have most of us drooling and contemplating Christmas past and the total joy of sitting down to overindulge just a little. Here we have put together some things you may not know or considered while tucking into your dinner. Here are some fun facts and trivia you can possibly share at the dinner table to impress!

1. The last Sunday before the season of Advent was when the family would get together to make the Christmas pudding. This would give it enough time to soak up all of the festive flavours in time for the Christmas dinner. Each member of the family would take it in turn to mix the mixture and they would each make a special wish.

2. Around 22 million Turkey’s are consumed at Christmas time

3. The largest turkey consumed on record weighed in at 86 pounds!

4. The average Christmas dinner takes 295 days to make from the beginning seed until it reaches our plate..and then it’s gone in less than 1 hour.

5. Up to 70% of people hate Brussels sprouts – this can be due to a genetic factor in which certain people are predetermined to hate the sharp flavour coming from them.

6. Most mince pies in fact contain no mince at all and are indeed vegetarian however they used to contain beef and spices in Victorian times.

7. Goose was the traditional bird of choice to be eaten as part of Christmas day dinner until King Henry the 8th decided to make Turkey the Christmas meal bird to be consumed.

8. In the UK at Christmas 6.5million jars of cranberry sauce are consumed

9. In the UK £3 million pounds was spent on Brussels sprouts for 1 Christmas day meal.

10. Traditionally mince pies should be eaten on Christmas eve and not consumed on Christmas day.

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