Livingston: An Excellent Spot for Christmas shopping!


Christmas Shopping

Christmas is always a time of joy and delight. A time of forgetting the worries and anxieties just to be with loved ones. Christmas is a very major incentive for shopping anywhere in the world. It’s a period when people review their wardrobes and restock with new set of clothing.

Christmas shopping in Livingston is almost a tradition for everybody. It’s a period of serious traffic at the mall and designer stores. It’s no surprise really, because Livingston is one of the best places to shop in Scotland. Livingston is home to the largest indoor shopping mall in all of Scotland.

There are many shopping outlets in Livingston, but Livingston Designer Outlet, is particularly great. It opened in the year 2000, though not as an individual store but as a complex of different stores selling different products. The outlet has over 100 different stores and is the largest shopping outlet in all out Scotland, closely followed by “The Centre” which is equally very large.

The Centre, was originally built in 1970, but over the years, it has undergone massive re-structuring, showcasing different phases as the years went by. Currently, The Centre has three major stores, which are Primak, Mark & Spencer and the Debenhams. Though there are other smaller stores scattered all across the establishment, these three giants are the pillars that holds “The Centre” in position.

These two mega shopping outlets sit directly opposite each other and together more customers from all over Scotland than any other mall or shopping outlet. They sell a variety of products from clothes, to footwears, to household necessities.

Christmas shopping in Livingston

Livingston is the dream of real shoppers in Scotland. If you’ve not had Christmas shopping in Livingston in the past, make it a date, during this Christmas season to come with your loved one, and explore the largest shopping zone in all of Scotland.

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